Data Grid makes the consumption, manipulation, and filtration of large datasets a Breeze. Using our robust Javascript plugin you'll be able create amazing user interfaces using data-attributes.

A few of many features

  • Hydrate and manipulate source data into other data structures.
  • Ability to transform source data before presentation.
  • Data filtration using terms, operators, dates, ranges, and search.
  • Multiple data-grids, unlimited layouts.
  • Multiple pagination methods.
  • Single and multi-column sorting.
  • Ability to define custom labels.
  • Fully context event lifecycle.
  • History states & cleaner urls.

The library requires PHP 5.6.4+ and follows the FIG standards PSR-1, PSR-2, and PSR-4 to ensure a high level of interoperability between shared PHP code. Oh and it's fully unit-tested.

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